Junior High

As young adolescents, students experience rapid growth and change intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically – but not according to a clear timetable. Sometimes, they seem almost grown up, and then the next minute they behave like children. In many respects, this transitional time between childhood and adolescence is the most important stage of life.

The Junior High curriculum addresses this time of transition and discovery by focusing on a balance of basic skills development through our formal curriculum along with the enrichment and exploratory opportunities so important to early adolescent social, emotional and physical growth. We encourage students to challenge themselves and to become self-directed learners.  As students begin to decide who they want to be, they need both the opportunity to stretch and structure for support. Christ Episcopal strives to provide students with an environment that offers challenges, choices, structure, moral guidelines, and opportunities for intellectual inquiry. There is a balanced emphasis on academics, athletics, and fine arts, which allow students opportunities to explore many possibilities for developing excellence.