High School


Our high school curriculum is driven by the interests and inspiration of our students. As the only Northshore ISAS accredited High School, we exceed the states’ required curriculum and offer a broad course of study emphasizing a core curriculum, as well as, top-tier college entrance requirements such as Foreign Language, Speech, PE, and Fine Arts. Classes are typically small but challenging and discussion-focused to promote reasoning and problem solving skills.

The school’s small size, small class size, the use of the Harkness teaching method and low student/faculty ratio (4:1) create a learning environment based on individual attention and strong relationships between students and faculty. CES students participate in a wide variety of visual and performing arts programs, unleashing creativity and discovering new talents and interests.

The academic climate is decidedly “college bound,” and includes AP and honors courses for qualified students. Independent study opportunities are also available.

Our ultimate goal is to create students who are committed to a life-long pursuit of self-learning and our approach lends itself to that goal.

College Prep

We understand the journey to college and having a broader array of options begins in 8th grade. Therefore, preparation for college is an inherent element of our High School program, overseen by Mr. Tom Rushing, Director of College Counseling. Through an ongoing process of standardized testing and individual evaluation and counseling, students develop a personal plan to enhance top-tier college admissibility. Mr. Rushing, works closely with parents and students as they begin the process of college selection and application submission. We are committed to helping students find the best match.