The Board of Trustees

Christ Episcopal School is a parish day school, created in 1984 as an outreach ministry of Christ Church in Covington, Louisiana. It exists as a part of Christ Episcopal Church (, which is incorporated as a non-profit organization. The highest level of decision-making authority resides in the volunteer Board of Trustees. This Board is approved by the Vestry of the Church and is charged with, but not limited to developing necessary policies for the school; carrying out continuous evaluation of the school; ensuring that the finances of the school are administered in a fiscally responsible manner; reporting on a regular basis to the Vestry; adhering to all policies of Christ Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana; and keeping an accurate record of all its proceedings. Members are appointed for three-year terms, with one-third rotating off each year. Other members include the Rector of the Church, a Vestry representative, and a CESPA representative.

The Headmaster

The Headmaster is hired by the Board to run the school. The Headmaster has the responsibility of carrying out the policies of the Board of Trustees, managing the operational and financial aspects of the school on a day-to-day basis, hiring and supervising faculty and staff, and overseeing the various programs of the school.  It is also the Headmaster’s responsibility to provide representation for the faculty and staff to the Board of Trustees.

2015-2016 Board of Trustees

Mr. Barbee Ponder, Chairman

Mr. Steve Croxton, Vice-Chairman

Mrs. Jane Preau, Treasurer

Mrs. Erika Briggs, Secretary

Mrs. Nicole St. Paul, Vestry Representative

The Rev. William Miller, Rector, Christ Church

Mrs. Michelle Braswell, CESPA President

Mr. Charlie Caplinger

Mr. Adam Currier

Mr. Bert Duvic

Mr. Sam Giberga

Mr. Clark Heebe

Mrs. Beverly McQuaid

Mr. Pramod Menon

Mr. James Miles

Mr. John Morvant, Headmaster

Mrs. Jane Slatten

Ms. Emery Whalen