Episcopal Identity

The Idea of an Episcopal School

1.  An Episcopal School is a concrete expression of the Church’s care for young people and their families.

At Christ Episcopal School, children come first.  Each child is special, a unique child of God.  Our goal is to prepare our children for living in God’s world, with all their rights and privileges, duties and responsibilities.

2.  An Episcopal School values reason as a way to true understanding.

At Christ Episcopal, intellectual curiosity is prized, and students are challenged to think independently and critically, to act creatively and collaboratively.  We are life-long learners with a strong Christian ethic and morality, preparing to become involved and responsible citizens.

3.  An Episcopal School has a concern for the well-being of society.

Christ Episcopal students learn that they do not exist apart from society, and they are called to respond to the needs of others.  We are called to act justly and to call others to do so.  We are challenged to imitate Christ and to instill peace, at school and in the world.

4.  The unity of an Episcopal School is based on regular worship, gracious and respectful community, and tradition rooted in Holy Scripture and the Creeds.

At Christ Episcopal, religious and spiritual formation is integrated into all aspects of the educational experience.  We are a community that honors, celebrates, and worships God as the center of life.

5.  An Episcopal School values freedom and diversity of belief.

At Christ Episcopal, we model acceptance of self and others as unique, divinely appointed creations.  We honor values that unite people rather than those that divide.  We encourage reverence for each other’s beliefs, and we strive to treat all with charity, kindness, and respect.

6.  An Episcopal School is founded on love.

Love for students as unique children of God is the hallmark of Christ Episcopal School.  Our faculty, imbued with a spirit of humility and profound purpose, pledge to act out of love, teach   love, to model love, and to love one another in our school community.

*Adapted from the National Association of Episcopal Schools