CES Capital Campaign

We are asking all Christ Episcopal School families to participate in BOTH the 2012-13 Annual Fund and the Capital Campaign to fund the school’s Christwood Boulevard campus expansion. Your family’s support is critical to our success!

Support the Annual Fund

Christ Episcopal School counts on unrestricted gifts raised through the Annual Fund to supplement tuition revenues in order to support all aspects of our operating budget. Annual Fund gifts are invested in:

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Program enhancements
  • Athletic programs
  • Facility maintenance
  • Faculty salaries and professional development
Support the Campus Expansion

Since 2002, our student enrollment has increased by 41%. Total enrollment is expected to approach 600 students by 2016. Our first high school students are now seniors ready to graduate this spring, making our pre-k through twelfth grade vision a reality. With our growing student body’s needs and expectations, it is imperative that we expand our campus NOW to ensure our school’s success.

We need $7.0 million for the first phase of our campus expansion: (1) the construction of the 16,000 square foot Center of Inquiry and (2) the CES Track and Athletic Field.

The Center of Inquiry will serve ALL of our students in ALL grades. The $4.5 million building is part of a master plan that will:

  • Provide a marquis centerpiece for the entire school
  • Ensure an appropriate physical plant to accommodate 6 multifunctional classrooms
  • Create a flexible, state of the art theatre for school assembly, music and worship
  • Establish a modern digital library with both traditional and advanced electronic offerings

The CES Track and Athletic Field will be a state-of-the-art modern facility designed to meet Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) standards and will cost approximately $2.5 million. This advanced design field will offer students and the school a competitive and versatile venue for hosting local and regional games and events.




For more information contact Steve Croxton or Kelli Blessey

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We are asking for 100% Parent Participation!